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Dr. Dana Fox and Dr. Michael Royse understand the importance of early childhood dental examinations. Not only a child's oral health, but helping a child feel more comfortable coming to see a pediatric dentist in the future.

Dana Fox, DMD and Michael Royse, DMD
Pediatric Dentists in Portland, Oregon
511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 810
Portland 97205
(503) 223-3910

Pediatric Dental Education
Dental Development
• Ages 0-3
• Ages 4-12
• Ages 13+

Dental Emergencies
• Broken Tooth
• Knocked Out Tooth
• Loose/Displaced Tooth
• Facial/Gum Swelling
• Oral Pain
• Lacerations

Common Childhood Dental Conditions
• "Shark Teeth"
• Discolored Teeth
• Misshapen Teeth
• Ulcerations of the Oral Cavity
• Nighttime grinding

The Anxious Child
Special Needs

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